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Blithe Spirit Auditions


2018 Fall Play - Blithe Spirit

Audition Info

  • Date: Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 
  • Time: Starts at 2PM.  
  • Format: Open Audition.  All students will be in the same room, and will cold-read different scenes from the show.  You will not have seen these prior to audition date.  We will specifically be judging tone, diction, volume, your choices about emotion and character, and your flexibility to change those choices if so directed, as well as how you interact with other actors in the scene.
  • Male Roles
    • Charles Condomine - a writer. Husband to Ruth and, before her passing, Elvira.
    • Dr. Bradman - the local physician, friend of Charles
  • Female Roles
    • Edith - a maid
    • Ruth Condomine - Charles' current wife
    • Mrs. Bradman - Dr. Brandman's wife, friend of Ruth
    • Madame Arcati - a medium
    • Elvira - Charles' late wife