Louder, I Can't Hear You


2019 METG Festival Submission

Louder, I Can't Hear You

by William Gleason



A comedy about a sometimes tragic, sometimes humorous, aspect of life today—the fact that people don't listen anymore, that people don't hear each other. In the deft hands of playwright Gleason, we see a family together but each one entirely in his or her own world. The point-counterpoint as each follows a separate line of thought is truly hilarious, but there's a poignancy under it. These people who won't or can't hear each other are losing the ability to communicate. The mother, anxious to reach her young people, turns to a psychiatrist for help—only to discover that he can't "hear" either! There's a final effort in which they try to involve themselves a little with each other and a wry, witty conclusion.

Production Timeline

  • Auditions Friday 12/7

  • Read Through Monday 12/10

  • 1st Rehearsal Thursday 12/13

  • Rehearsals will be in December and January

  • All actors must be off-book following the holiday break

  • 2:30 Performance at Millbury High on March 1st

  • Preliminary round all day on March 2nd!