Anything Goes Auditions


2019 Musical - Anything Goes

Audition Info

  • Dates:

    • Vocal Auditions: Monday, January 7th

    • Dance Auditions: Thursday, January 10th

    • Call Backs: Friday, January 11th

  • Times: All start at 2:15PM.  

  • Format: Closed vocal audition, group dance audition, with the possibility of group call backs. Each student will have a private audition with the pianist and production staff (in the order by which people arrive) and then participate in a group dance audition where they are taught a simple routine and recorded performing it. Depending on these auditions, individuals may be called back for further work to help us with the casting process. Anyone who is called back will be notified by email the night of the dance rehearsal.

    • During the vocal audition, each student must sing a portion of one of the below song choices - even if you do not want a singing role. We may ask you to also sing a different piece, so please listen/look at all of the options at least once. We will specifically be judging tone, diction, volume and your choices about emotion and character.

    • During the dance audition, each student must dance the small routine and as best they can, and be willing to have that routine recorded for review by the production staff. These recordings will only be viewed by the professional staff and will be deleted once no longer needed for casting purposes.

    • During call backs, all students would be in the same room, and would cold-read different scenes from the show. You will not have seen these prior to the call-back date. We will specifically be judging tone, diction, volume, your choices about emotion and character, and your flexibility to change those choices if so directed.

  • Vocal Material: Each student must sing one of these music selections. Each item below is a link to the sheet music. Anyone may sing Friendship, and we recommend this for anyone who is not interested in the specifically named roles for the other songs.